South Coast Workshop provide a professional under seal service using only the best 3M products, We can use alternative products at Customer request but We find that the 3M product achieves the final best result to keep your vehicle free from unwanted rust.

1. We steam clean the underside of your vehicle at 140 degrees to remove any surface debris & contaminants 

2. We then dry the underside of your vehicle using infra red & warm air system.

3. We then de-scale the underside of your vehicle to remove any loose paint, rust, old under seal product using hand & air tools.

4. Treat any surface areas with Jenolite rust remover (as used by the MOD), either applied by hand on small areas & suction feed       spray gun on larger areas and allowed to fully cure.

5. The final stage we apply High performance quality 3M Black or White (for JDM) under-body sealer, all of the underbody floor pan & suspension linkage is coated excl behind arch liners etc, hubs & brakes. (please request upon booking) 


6.We can also offer full cavity wax rust proofing, please contact us for full details of this as an extra service.

Small Cars (Mini - Honda Civic):                                      £430 + VAT

Medium Cars (RX8 - GTFOUR):                                       £479 + VAT

Large Vehicles (Skyline - 4x4):                                        £580 + VAT

L/W/B Vehicles  (Defender 110 -Landcruiser Amazon):      £680 + VAT 

Undersealing is a rust prevention method, but cannot be a guarantee against corrosion that has already started in vehicle cavities or inner sills.

The undersealing process is not a full restoration, if a vehicle has suffered too greatly from corrosion the owner will be advised to repair the vehicle prior to the undersealing taking place.

3M under seal
under seal de scale
wheel arch under seal
3M under seal
3M underseal
before under seal process