1. All estimates by South Coast Workshop ltd are subject to change caused by any extra labour, parts & materials &/or unforeseen price increase. We will always contact the customer for agreement before going ahead with any further work/costs.

2. Estimates are not legally binding therefore South Coast Workshop ltd may refuse to carry out all, or part of any work for any reason whether or not an estimate has been provided.

3. Once an estimate has been provided South Coast Workshop ltd will require a signed agreement to commence with the work.

4.Long term project work will be estimated in stages, each stage to be agreed upon and invoice paid before we will commence with the next stage of work.

5. South Coast Workshop ltd may demand a deposit before commencing any work. The customer shall co-operate with South Coast Workshop ltd in all matters relating to the service.


6. Every endeavor will be made to provide the services by the estimated time, but South Coast Workshop ltd shall not be liable for any delay in completing the services caused by unforeseen circumstances. The customer will be kept informed as to any likely time delays.

6a. South Coast Workshop ltd reserves the right to terminate part or all of the work in the case that the terms & conditions are not upheld.




7. Payments for services/repairs &/or parts/materials supplied is due per your agreed terms of trade which will be reflected on your invoice. All goods &/or services shall remain the absolute property of South Coast workshop ltd until such time as South Coast Workshop ltd has received cleared payment in full from the customer in respect of the agreed services/repair &/or parts/materials.

8. South Coast Workshop ltd shall have a general lien on all of the customers vehicle's and their contents for all monies owing to South Coast Workshop ltd on any account whatsoever. South Coast Workshop ltd shall be entitled to reasonable storage charges during any period in which the vehicle is retained by virtue of the lien. 

9. If the customer's indebtedness to South Coast Workshop ltd is not satisfied within three months from the date of the first invoice sent, South Coast Workshop has the right to without notice sell any vehicle owned by the customer &/or it's contents by way of public auction, the net proceeds shall be applied towards satisfying monies due from the customer to South Coast Workshop ltd and any remaining balance shall be paid on demand to South Coast Workshop ltd by the customer.

Limitation of Liability

10. South Coast Workshop ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or other property whatsoever or however occasioned, except when caused by the sole negligence or deliberate act of South Coast Workshop ltd or it's employees, under no circumstances will South Coast Workshop ltd accept liability for loss or damage outside it's control or for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of use or any special loss.

10a. South Coast Workshop ltd cannot guarantee the performance of any parts supplied by the customer, South Coast Workshop ltd has the right to waver all responsibility if parts supplied by the customer are faulty.


11. In connection with any services or purpose for which a vehicle is accepted by South Coast Workshop ltd, the customer is deemed, unless express notice is given in writing to the contrary, to have authorized the driving of the vehicle by South Coast Workshop ltd employees on the road or elsewhere.

12. The customer shall be entitled to the benefit of any warranty to which South Coast Workshop ltd is entitled as against the manufacturer of parts and materials supplied.

13. All parts removed by South Coast Workshop ltd in the course of repair shall, if not claimed by the customer within 14 days after the completion of work be deemed to be owned by South Coast Workshop ltd and shall become the absolute property of South Coast Workshop ltd.

14.The customer shall be liable to pay South Coast workshop ltd, on demand, all reasonable costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by South Coast Workshop ltd arising directly or indirectly from the customer's fraud, negligence or failure to perform or delay in the performance of any of it's obligations under the terms & conditions.