• Barry Taylor

Head Skimming & Machining

At South Coast Workshop we are proud to be able to present our all new machining and engineering services focused around forged engine building. We have been planning this next stage in our expansion strategy for some time and we now have large span CNC head machining tools, a lathe and milling machine alongside a robotic TIG welder for stainless steel and aluminium tube. We can also offer technical designs for all aspects of R & D from intake manifolds exhaust manifolds to velocity stacks etc.

If you are not familiar with the terminology, a head refers to the cylinder head which is the top of the engine that mounts to the main block, closing in the top of the cylinder to create the combustion chamber.

Head skimming is a process of machining the material of the head down with specialist metal cutting blades. This process requires the cylinder head to be removed from the main engine block in order to carry out the skim. Prior to the skim, the head must be perfectly aligned and supported/held in place to ensure the skim creates a new flat surface in the head, removing any imperfection, so it can seal properly against the new gasket.

So why are head skims necessary? Head skimming, is one of the key processes for engine building, whenever we start a new engine build we need to be sure that the surfaces of the head are clean, flat and will seal against the head gasket and then to the block. Furthermore if the car has had a head gasket failure or has suffered from overheating, the cylinder head may have warped or have developed significant imperfections from ‘head lift’, where coolant/water will ingress between the gasket and the head and start to cause corrosion. An engine cannot be rebuilt without a clean, flat surface for the new gaskets to seal against.

We use a 10 x indexible toothed CNC ready head with wiper blade for our skimming as we intend to build our workshop more towards smart and automated processes as we progress. The head skimming facility will also be reinforced with a bore honing machine, making us self-sufficient for engineering solutions for engine building. Having all of these processes in house reduces down time and improves efficiency, meaning we can build our engine projects faster and get better results.

So if you are looking for a simple head skim or a fully forged engine with all of the horses you could want, why not contact us at SCW.

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