• Barry Taylor


So.... We needed a new project & decided to build a monster 350 1UZ-TT, after a bit of looking around we found this very clean import, here she is being loaded onto the trailer to bring back to SCW

The transition from 'Fairlady' to 'Fatlady' begins Starting with a makeover, installing lazy-eyes and body-kit parts

Fresh paint & new Work Meister rims ready for our first appearance at Beaulieu Simply Japanese 2017

Mocking up our home-bru CNC velocity stacks

Deck plate in the test fitting stage

Massive improvement on the standard inlet plenum

Primary assembly

Working out throttle body placement

Engine all stripped out

Custom bell housing adapter plate made in house to marry 1UZFE to VQ35de 6 speed box

The 1UZ V8 fits perfectly into the engine bay with no body mods needed

The Tig Master in action tacking up

Gasket matching for Port & Polish

Scribing the Blue

Difference between OEM port & first cut

Working the head

Getting rid of casting defects

Block skim & water pump mods, casting & passageways

Final Shaping & CC tested

ICEngineworks manifold mock up in progress

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